Have you ever stood in the middle of a big box store and wondered where to begin? Have you gotten home again, only to realize that you were missing a part or a piece? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of pulling all the material together for a successful remodeling project? Do you have an excellent and experienced contractor or plumber who just doesn’t have the time to help you choose the perfect faucet or air tub?

We can help!!

We are a full line plumbing parts counter and bath and kitchen showroom, including pipe, valves, fittings, faucets, and fixtures for the contractor and homeowner. We stock pex fittings and tubing, press fittings and push fittings, along with black, PVC and copper pipe and fittings. We can also help you design your bathroom or kitchen, choose faucets, fixtures and flooring and walk you through your building or remodeling project from beginning to end. We will work with your contractor (or with you alone) to make your project plans simple and complete. Let our twenty plus years of experience make your dream a reality!